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Monday16 May 2022

Cash Flow Forecasting


cashflow-image"I keep having to stop my sales prospecting to manage the finances."
"I am always going over my overdraft limit."
"The bank wants a forecast but I don’t know how to prepare one."
"The last forecast was put in the drawer 6 months ago and its now out of date."

None of the above means that you have a bad business rather it’s probably the case that the expertise is not available in the Company to manage and forecast your cashflow.
The 24-7 Finance Directors can spend time with you and your managers to prepare an accurate and detailed cashflow forecast. Our forecasts have the advantage that;
They will be regularly updated to continually provide you with foresight as to what is going to be required in the coming months. That means time to plan an increase in your overdraft or take action to change the business and avoid problems before they happen.
They link to a Profit and Loss Forecast and Balance Sheet so you can measure the financial performance of the Company.
The Banks work with our 24-7 Finance Directors on a regular basis so they are confident in the accuracy and reliability of our work.
We work closely with the business to ensure that we understand fully the individual and unique issues that affect your Company. Only by taking the time and trouble to do this can you be certain that the forecast is truly reflective of your cashflow.
Ensure you get the right Cashflow Forecast for your business. Don’t accept a one off forecast prepared by your accountant or a spreadsheet full of assumptions and lack of detail. Make it a working document prepared using specialist software by a finance expert.

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